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March 20, 2016


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Allan Culver

I only vaguely remembered "guy on the bed with the gun"; for me it is the type of image I dismiss and move on.

But the real point of your comments on photographic education was underscored by a young girl recently who was taking photography in a junior college. She had heard of Ansel Adams but her teacher told the class Ansel was not a very creative photographer.

I asked her what she thought of Edward Weston and Brett Weston. She had never heard of them.

I asked to see some of her work and she only has them on her phone. In one full year of photography she has never made a print and does not have a book on the history of photography, all of that stuff is just a bunch of dead people.


Yes, I agree with you on a lack of appreciation of the people that made it possible to get a degree in Art Photography.

I think it might be just be an outlook. Artists seem to want to tear down and destroy the past. Scientists and Engineers have no problem "standing on the shoulders of giants" to advance in their fields.

I will think some more on this and it just might be a blog topic in the future.

Thanks for stopping by.

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